Monday, July 30, 2007

July articles of interest to Bama fans

Applewhite: A Hot Commodity on a Hot Seat - - 7/4/07

Not all faculty, staff will get football tickets - Birmingham News - 7/4/07

Crimson Tide self-reports three football violations - Birmingham News - 7/6/07

Mentoring the Tide's new mentor, Trio of coaches who gave Saban a job say that he had his fun, serious sides - Decatur Daily - 7/7/07

$ales soar with $aban - Huntsville Times - 7/8/07

QB hopes to return Tide to national scene this year - Mobile Press Register - 7/9/07

Times may be a-changin' in Tuscaloosa - Real Football 365 - 7/9/07

Saban: Tide should play Notre Dame - Birmingham News - 7/11/07

Nick Saban talks about Tide team at YMCA - Montgomery Advertiser - 7/11/07

Irish can't make Tide fit in schedule - Birmingham News - 7/14/07

Got Nick? Saban items hot sells for Crimson Tide followers - - 7/14/07

Tide coach expounds on Dolphins departure Saban on SportSouth - Montgomery Advertiser - 7/14/07

Three Tide players arrested over weekend - Crimson White - 7/19/07

Castille leads Tide as first-team selection - Dothan Eagle - 7/20/07

Preseason polls pick Trojans No. 1 - Montgomery Advertiser - 7/20/07

Alabama Introduces New Crowd Control Plan - WRBL, Columbus, GA - 7/22/07

Alabama QB McElroy waiting in the wings - SouthLake (TX) Times - 7/25/07

Teammates aid in Tide discipline - Birmingham News - 7/27/07

Perfect fit to be with Tide? Saban can slog through the insanity - CBS - 7/26/07

SEC Preview: Alabama - - 7/29/07

Crimson Tide gets Love, Tallahassee receiver - Decatur Daily - 7/29/07


Sharp said...

Addressing a few of these:

Self-reporting violations -
Quoting myself from below: I find it unsettling that we're already "self-reporting" violations and Saban hasn't even coached a game yet. And overexcited boosters could kill us before we get started. I've probably said this before but I believe in the "death penalty" for boosters who cause trouble. Anyone who ever brings probation on the program should be banned for life from any Tide function, be it a ballgame, media day, golf tournament, gymnastics meet, bake sale, or tailgate party. The university should never accept another dime from them and if they are an alum they should have their diploma revoked. They shouldn't even be allowed to shop at Bama Fever, wear Alabama t-shirts in public, or have a UA license plate. If they love the program so much, how in the world can they do things that keep it from regaining its former glory?

Merchandise sales spike after Saban -
I don't think my merchandise purchases have spiked any. They've always been pretty steady. If I bought any more I'd have to take out financing. I bought some stuff last month but it wsn't tied to Saban. It's because I bought a new car. i think the fairweathers are the ones creating the spike. And the only coach-related merchandise I've ever bought has been Bryant stuff. I never bought a "Got Shula?" shirt nor will I ever get a "Saban Nation" one unless he's here for 15 years and has won multiple national titles. I don't even like shirts that brag about winning a specific game or that talk about how good we are. In recent history, it's proven premature to buy braggy shirts. I just keep it simple. Alabama. Crimson Tide. Roll Tide. University of Alabama. That's all I need to say.

Sharp said...

Have to make another comment about the "Perfect Fit" article. Any Bama fan who's expecting 10 wins next year is almost loopy. I ain't saying it's impossible but it's highly unlikely. Saban is really worried about the D. He will whip them (maybe literally!) into shape in a couple of years but for now they will not dominate against the high-powered Os in the SEC like they have.

Mike Wilhelm said...

Johnny, I agree with what you are saying...

On merchandise...Same here...steady stream. I don't buy "Got Shula, Saban", etc., but my Mom bought me two saban shirts for my b'day. I'm more likely to wear those around the house and family.

Those "boosters" should get the death penalty (not literally!) But I am not concerned too much about the "secondary" violations. From what I have read these are common and happen multiple times at every school and are more a product of the NCAA's impossible to follow and confusing standards. Sure I would prefer that we never even get one of these, but that might be unrealistic to expect (from what i read).

My expectations are not too high either (7-9 wins seems reasonable to me). I will not be completely surprised if we are able to better than that, but I do not think it's reasonable to expect.

Sharp said...

Yeah, Kathy was really nice and bought me one last year that I wouldn't have normally bought for myself. That she got me one was great because she normally rolls her eyes at how much stuff I get. But it says, "It's not an attitude: We're THAT good!" Of course, we proceeded to go 6-7. That's why I don't get those! Like you said, I wear it around the house. Maybe to the grocery store if I'm just going in and out!