Saturday, July 14, 2007


I talked with a guy from Oklahoma today while watching the Cubs - Astros game at Wrigley Field. I asked him about the recent addition to OU's probation. He said that he thought Alabama would be better now that they had a good, new coach. I said my opinion was he same, but I thought it might take a few years.

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Sharp said...

I, too, think it will be a few years. It'll take a while to reload now that they're out of probation. I'm a little concerned that we could be back on it if people don't mind their Ps and Qs. I find it unsettling that we're already "self-reporting" violations and Saban hasn't even coached a game yet. And overexcited boosters could kill us before we get started.

I've probably said this before but I believe in the "death penalty" for boosters who cause trouble. Anyone who ever brings trouble on the program should be banned for life from any Tide function, be it a ballgame, media day, golf tournament, gymnastics meet, bake sale, or tailgate party. The university should never accept another dime from them and if they are an alum they should have their diploma revoked. They shouldn't even be allowed to shop at Bama Fever, wear Alabama t-shirts in public, or have a UA license plate. If they love the program so much, how in the world can they do things that keep it from regaining its former glory?