Monday, August 06, 2007

Fan Day 8/5/07

Coach Saban, right after a hot practice and signing a jillion autographs.

Ok, I'll sign a few more...

Coach is about to sign my son Joe's helmet.

Coach Saban signs my A-Day 2007 program, which I gave to Matt.

I was the guy with three boys standing right in front of the officer who said, "I hate to be the bearer of bad news but we have to cut off the line here." Luckily I kept standing in my spot in the line to take pictures. I said to the officer, "What about these kids? We've been out here for hours." I asked to at least stay and take a few photos. Then Coach Saban agreed to do a few more. My three sons were therefore able to get Coach Saban's autograph. I didn't get an autograph, though, because right before Coach would have picked up my ball one of the officers moved my ball away from hi and out of my reach. Coach signed a few more then left. I was glad my boys got autographs (and that was my main concern), but it bothers me that an officer basically "stole" one from me. Coach Saban was very cordial and kind to stay after the deadline to keep signing for fans. I would not have blamed him if he left at the appointed time after a long hot day on the field. Alabama has a winner!

Photos from the Tuscaloosa News


Sharp said...

I'm glad you got to see the practice and the coach. Too bad about that football, though.

I just bought this year's media guide but I'm not too thrilled with it. It looks more like a high school yearbook. Half the guide is just cut out photos of players and cheerleaders and homecoming queens (No offense, Sela). The entire historical statistics section has been removed, so if you want me to find out (for example) when the last time Alabama had no penalties in a game was, I wouldn't be able to tell you. I guess the message is supposed to be "We're not living in the past!" but it kills the fun of the guide for me.

Mike Wilhelm said...

That's not good...I was hoping to get one of those too!