Friday, August 31, 2007

A new era in Bama football...

It's been a long road for the Tide. After decades of glory that ended in the late 1990's, Alabama has been wandering in the wilderness most of the past decade. Obviously no one knows exactly how this season will turn out. One thing is clear, however. The Tide has a strong, effective leader at the helm in Coach Saban. Alabama fans have good reason to be optimistic that this year's team will show an intensity that has been lacking for many years. That is not to say they will win all of their games or that they will even win 10 games this year. I'm not saying they won't do that either. There seems to be an intangible quality that you can see in the players' eyes and hear in their words. I think Coach Saban is teaching these players about the importance of pushing themselves to be intense in everything they do. There have been setbacks, and there will probably be more. Finally, though, I get the feeling Alabama is headed in the right direction!

Looking forward to gameday.......Roll Tide!

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