Friday, May 11, 2007

By popular demand...

...well, at least a request by my good friend Sharp!

Listen, y'all. This is funny. I respect Coach Bryant and his winning legacy as much as anyone. He was a treasure for the State of Alabama and he was a positive influence in the lives of thousands of young men. But, having said that, with all due respect, listen to how he mispronounces names, loses his train of thought, and mixes up the names of towns and you have to laugh! That is doubly true if you lived through those days as I did. Rest in Peace, Coach Bryant. We love you!


Sharp said...

Thanks, Mike. That was fun. Now I need a Co-cola!

I was hoping for Bob Cayavec, too, but that was later.

Mike Wilhelm said...

No "Caviac" this time...I will have to get that one soon! Thanks!