Tuesday, May 01, 2007

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Gimino: Houndstooth cap still looms large in 'Bama - Anthony Gimino, Tucson, Citizen
"Having had my fill of barbecue, slaw and sweet tea, I was getting ready to leave a Birmingham, Ala., restaurant last week when a friend nudged my shoulder. "Look over there," he said. I turned, and there at a table sitting with her family was a girl, possibly 10 years old, wearing a baseball cap. A houndstooth baseball cap. And so it is in Alabama."

Early Returns are Encouraging - Kirk McNair, BamaMag.com
No one doubts that Nick Saban is a hands-on coach. Even though media gets only a glimpse of practice each day (at least that was the case during spring practice), it doesn’t take much of a gander to get a sense that Alabama’s football coach is on the move, checking on every detail. Players at every position back up the observation that Saban coaches everyone. So it was only mildly surprising during warm-ups prior to the A-Day Game that Saban was correcting the stretching procedure of a Crimson Tide player. That is the kind of thing that a head coach ordinarily would not trifle with. But Nick Saban is no ordinary coach.

QUICK HITS: A Comparison: 2006 team vs. 2007 A-Day
By Jess NicholasTideFans.com Editor-in-ChiefApril 22, 2007
Quarterbacks 2006: John Parker Wilson, Marc Guillon, Jimmy Barnes Quarterbacks 2007: John Parker Wilson, Greg McElroy, Jimmy BarnesSummary: There’s not much of a change here, except in the continued maturity of John Parker Wilson. A-Day 2007 revealed improvement in Wilson’s footwork and comfort level in the pocket. Wilson also seemed to have a good feel for screen passes which appear to be a big part of the upcoming offense. With Jimmy Barnes out for most of the spring with a knee injury, Greg McElroy won the backup job by default. His poise and game management skills looked sound Saturday, but he made a half-dozen ill-advised throws into coverage that, if Alabama’s defensive backs would pay a bit more attention to the tip drill, may have resulted in a handful of interceptions. Advantage: 2007. Wilson is better, McElroy offers solid backup....

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