Monday, May 28, 2007

Down Season Articles

Not much happening in the world of college football? That's what we thought in May when I was a kid. How wrong these days! From allegations that Saban is cheating for Bama, to Paterno's discipline, to Jerry Duncan's induction to the Alabama Sports Hall of Fame; there is never a quiet moment!

Duncan dreamed of hoops glory
He made a name for himself as an undersized but overachieving lineman at the University of Alabama, fulfilling the dream of kids throughout the state. But Jerry Duncan's childhood dream had nothing to do with the gridiron or Bear Bryant or the Crimson Tide. "I always wanted to play basketball at North Carolina," said Duncan, who grew up in tiny Sparta, N.C. "If I hadn't signed with Alabama, I was going to walk on at Chapel Hill.

Let's go down to Jerry Duncan on the sideline!
To a generation of Alabama fans, Jerry Duncan was better known for his excitable personality on Crimson Tide football broadcasts than his playing exploits. Duncan, a successful stockbroker and investor living in Vestavia Hills, worked as the sideline reporter for 24 years, paired with play-by-play men John Forney, Paul Kennedy and Eli Gold. I wasn't there to brag on the other team," Duncan said. "I was there to talk about Alabama."

Loss of Prothro was a big blow to Tide
One play turned the tide for Alabama's football success over the past few years, former defensive coordinator Joe Kines told members of the Escambia County University of Alabama Alumni Association Tuesday night. (this is an INSIGHTFUL aricle about Kines!)

From my friend Johnny: "At this moment, I am humbled and awed by Joe Paterno. I am a huge college football fan but I have been embarrassed by the off-the-field behavior of players for years. Many act like nothing more than thugs with scholarships. But I am even more appalled by the weak, unprincipled, self-defeating responses of the head coaches involved."

Saban may have violated NCAA recruiting rules

According to reports, University of Alabama coach Nick Saban may have violated NCAA rules when he talked to recruits during last week’s trip to South Florida. However, Saban almost certainly isn’t the only coach overstepping the rule, and any violation would likely be considered “secondary," without significant penalty. College coaches are permitted to evaluate high school players on their campuses between April 15 and May 31, but “no contact may occur in this evaluation." According to NCAA bylaws, “contact is any face-to-face encounter between a prospective student-athlete and their parents or guardians and an institutional staff member during which any dialogue occurs in excess of exchange of a greeting."


Sharp said...

Hey, I'm getting quoted alongside Jerry Duncan and Joe Kines! Thanks, Mike.

Sharp said...

However the link is to your comment, not my article! Ha ha!

Sharp said...

By the way, did you notice that both the kids who supposedly talked to Saban are in MIAMI? Where he's known as Nick Satan? I would take those reports with a huge block of salt.

Mike Wilhelm said...

You got me rolling (no pun intended) with laughter, both at myself, and your comment about the block of salt!