Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Hating Saban is becoming an obsession

On Saturday there was an interesting column by Paul Finebaum titled "Hating Saban is becoming an obsession" Here is an exerpt:


Why all the hating?

What is everyone so afraid of?

Or is it laughter and mockery resonating throughout the world of college football since the staggering Alabama A-Day crowd of 92,123 became known a week ago?

Regardless, the fire has been lit again in relation to Nick Saban and his maiden voyage in Tuscaloosa. This has become a recurring theme since Saban's hiring but what is it really saying? What does it all mean?

Of the many catcalls and "delusional fan" cracks from all the usual suspects, the most amazing came from Barry Scanlon of the Lowell (Mass.) Sun. I understand ESPN and the south Florida media mafia hating on Saban. But a shot across the bow from a toxic waste dump in Massachusetts -- whose only claim to fame is being the hometown of Ed McMahon and for being featured in an HBO documentary as a haven for crack cocaine and as one of the most dreary and depressing cities in America -- almost has to be considered a compliment.

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