Saturday, September 08, 2007

Alabama 24 Vanderbilt 10...a few thoughts

Random thoughts...

Some people have suggested that Coach Saban replace Wilson with McElroy.
You don't give up on a good QB every time he struggles. The 'grass is always greener' comes to mind. It disturbed me that he made some uncharacteristically poor decisions, throwing into coverage. However, during the first half, in particular, he was under a lot of pressure. I would like to see McElroy get some more playing time, but John Parker deserves to be our starter unless he continues to regress. I think Applewhite, Saban, et. al., will do whatever is best.
Even on a sub-par day, he was 14/28 for 150 yards. Way better than Brandon Cox, down the road...

I think Bama has shown that it deserves to be ranked in the top 25.

Have you noticed that helmets are falling off more this year. Is it harder hitting, players wearing them more loosely, or the long hair?

Someone ( I think Chris Fowler) said Alabama was not very exciting today.
First of all, it doesn't matter. We got the "W". Second, he is wrong. He must have missed Arenas and Grant running wild. What is stronger? The anti-Saban/Alabama bias at ESPN or the anti-conservative bias at CNN?

Nashville seems like Alabama's home away from home. Eli Gold estimated that 20-30,000 out of the 39,000 in attendance were Alabama fans. The Tide has not lost there since 1969. Not bad.

Alabama has had some big breaks this year. There have been at least three long TD playes called back by penalties in the first two games. The calls were probably correct. It made no difference in the final outcome, but it did make our defense look better. Alabama's defense is vulnerable to long pass plays.

Some of Alabama's future opponents have struggled at times: UT, UGA, FSU, MSU, AU, Miss, Ark. So far, only LSU has looked unbeatable. If the Tide continues to improve (a very BIG if), we might exceed expectations this year.

Nick Saban recruit Rolando McClain looked dominating today. He was all over the field. Not back for a true freshman linebacker. He's leading the team with 13 tackles after two games.

Terry Grant proved that last week was no fluke.

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