Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Gameday experience 9/15/07

Matt before kickoff

Joe before kickoff

David before kickoff

Players entering BDS

Players enter BDS two hours before kickoff

Coach saban arrives

Matt waiting on the "Walk of Champions"

The crowd begins to gather

Inflatable Big Al

Tailgating with the Word of God

Lots of tailgaters looking East on University Blvd.

Good parking is much harder to find this year

Another inflatable Big Al

A unique tent on the Quad

Alabama flags

Yet another cool tailgating setup

No shortage of dishes here, and I don't mean food

Another bama flag flies with pride, Tide Pride, that is

TYDFNS are everywhere

The boys played a little football outside BDS

Walking around the Quad

Near the Bryant Museum

More from the Quad

Parking money at Baptist Student Union goes for a good cause

Our spot for the Arkansas game

Matt at our spot early in the morning



The boys played catch at our tailgating spot

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Sharp said...

It was a pretty day out. And I love that elephant with the houndstooth hat! I've never seen one of those before.