Saturday, September 08, 2007

Saturday morning musings...

Just seen on College Gameday on ESPN: An LSU fan holding up a large cut out photocopy of Nick Saban holding money bags in his hands and a Michigan tee shirt. Dream on Tigers!

Not many people realize one of the most interesting statistics from last week: Alabama set a school record with 35 first downs. Think of all of the blowout wins over the past 115 years of Alabama football!

On today's pre game show, Alabama announcer Eli Gold was describing his conversation with Mal Moore about the tiny Vanderbilt locker room. Mal Moore told him that if it seemed like it was small this morning he should have been in there at half time of a game in which the Tide was playing poorly against Vandy and Coach Bryant was expressing his displeasure.

Gold said that Coach Saban records his pre-game interview as soon as he arrives at the stadium. The other coaches did it the day prior to the game. Gold described the coach's mood this morning as tightly wound, terse, but cordial.

The big question posed on Gameday was whether Vandy will upset Alabama. They compared playing at Vandy to a spring game for Alabama. Then they corrected themselves and noted that Alabama spring games attract 92,000 fans, not 41,000.

Last week the boys and I wrote down our predictions. Joe and I both (independently, I might add) predicted Bama 52, WC 3. Amazingly we were both only off by 3 total points.

My prediction for today: Alabama 34 Vanderbilt 21. No upset in Nashville today!

Update at 10:49 a.m.: More predictions:
My Dad - Alabama 24 Vandy 21
David - Alabama 35 Vandy 21
Joe - Alabama 38 Vandy 31
Matt - Alabama 41 Vandy 21

I hope one of us is correct, preferably Matt!

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