Monday, November 12, 2007

Cecil Hurt column

Mr. Hurt of the Tuscaloosa News always does a good job analyzing the Alabama football games and the program in general. Here is a really good column rearding the big mistake that pretty much decided Saturday's MSU gameat the end of the first half.

CECIL HURT: One play is one play, even if it stands for much more
It’s an oversimplification to blame any loss on one play.That’s true even if it is a disaster of a play. Even if it’s a catastrophe of a play – it’s just one play. Even if it is a headphone-throwing, dog-cussing, dream-wrecking meltdown of a play – it’s just one play. Even if it is as bad a play, in terms of its outcome, as a committee of worst-case-scenario pessimists sitting in deck chairs of the Titanic could draw up in their worst bad dreams – it’s just one play.Yes, Alabama’s final offensive play of the first half was a train wreck of the sort you would have if the northbound train was filled with cute, cuddly kittens and the southbound train was loaded with enough nitroglycerin to blast a crater the size of Mark Mangino in solid granite. There is no arguing that. But before taking a look at that play, it’s worthwhile to mention that a lot of things happened after that play as well. And not very many of the things that happened were very good for Alabama.


Sharp said...

Probably my favorite hyperbolic lead paragraph of all time! You can hear him sitting at the computer patting himself on the back as he wrote that one. Every time he dreamed up a new simile or metaphor, he choked on his iced tea from laughing. I should know, I've done it myself. Thanks for posting that!

cholly said...

How do I email Mike. I have a question for him.


Mike Wilhelm said...

It was funny...I thought you would appreciate that Sharp.

Cholly, my email address is mikewx2

Sharp said...

And he was right. That one play can't be blamed for everything. Winners suck it up and come back. It was only a one point lead!

Mike Wilhelm said...

I agree. The INT at the beginning of the 3rd quarter didn't help either!