Saturday, November 24, 2007


My friend Sharp shared this article with me. It really put the Saban Press Conference controversy into it's proper perspective.

Saban, remarks make news ... in that order
"The moment the phrases '9-11' and 'Pearl Harbor' came out of Nick Saban's mouth Monday morning, I cringed just slightly from my usual third-row seat in the Naylor Stone Media Room. Not because I was offended that a war analogy was used in football context (I wasn't), but because I knew exactly what was coming. As this is a non-premium opinion conceivably read beyond the Alabama fan base, a brief paraphrase is in order: the Alabama football coach mentioned 9-11, Pearl Harbor and the bottoming out of alcoholics as moments in which real unity and clarity begin. He then suggested his team may have reached a similar low point after losing its third consecutive game to Louisiana-Monroe. Wal-Mart must have sold out of torches and pitchforks, because the lynch mob was on the march before Saban even stepped away from the microphone."

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