Friday, November 09, 2007

Looking back to the LSU game

On Saturday November 3, David and I traveled to Tuscaloosa for the Alabama vs. LSU game. We left home at about 6 a.m. and arrived at our parking spot near the Sewell-Thomas baseball stadium around 8 a.m. We visited the Bryant museum and picked up a few free programs from the Alabama-Tennessee game. After that we saw the football tam walk around the block in front of our parking place for their morning walk. The fans were a little later arriving than they were for the Tennessee game, which started at 11:30. We say my friends Gary and Tee Drake who parked near our vehicle.

We walked down Bryant Drive all the way to the Rama Jama restaurant which is on the southwest side of Bryant-Denny Stadium. We ate breakfast there and then walked up 10th Avenue (west side of Bryant-Denny) and went on towards the Quad and the Ferguson Center. We watched some of the Vanderbilt vs. Florida game there with Tee and then we shopped a little while at the Sup Store. David even took a bit of a nap while we watched the game on TV.

We then walked to the car, got our stuff together and walked to the stadium around 2:00, two hours before kickoff. When we went in the stadium we stood down by the field for about an hour, watching the team practice. David met former coach “Brother” Bill Oliver and got his autograph.

The game itself was extremely entertaining. David and I shared numerous “high-fives” with each other and the fans around us. WE saw my friend from college, Greg Sanders, at halftime. The Javier Arenas 61 yard punt return in the fourth quarter was probably the most exciting moment of the game. The crowd noise that followed was the loudest sound I have ever heard at a sporting event. Of course, Alabama ended up losing to a very good LSU team which is now ranked number two in the nation.

Coach Nick Saban said after the game that he does not believe in moral victories. I cannot argue with that philosophy. Nevertheless, most Tide fans came away from this game realizing that this is no longer the Alabama team that we have been used to seeing during the last several years. The Tide can play with anyone in the nation and the future looks bright.

Now it’s on to Starkville tomorrow. Let’s go “teach the Bulldogs to behave.” Roll Tide.

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