Sunday, November 18, 2007

ULM gameday photos


Sharp said...

Great pictures. Aren't these the closest pictures you have of Saban on the field?

Do I even have to comment about the game? Staring 0-for-November in the face again is something you could never have told me would happen earlier this season. But here we are.

I will say this: If the fans' reaction is to boo our own team, maybe we're getting what we deserve. How is that supposed to motivate anyone to improve?

Mike Wilhelm said...

For the record, I didn't boo. But I thought "boo"!

"Embarassing" is the only word my Dad uttered about that game.

My sister said we were 0/3: Bad coaching, bad playing, and bad officiating. I agreed but I also said that if officiating is even mentioned after the ULM game then we are having bigger problems than I thought.

Mike Wilhelm said...

John Pruett of the Huntsville Times may have said it best. In his first paragraph this morning he said something to the effect that if Alabama was attempting to lull Auburn into a false sense of security than they suceeded.

Yes, that is as close as I have come. I wandered down behind the north goal post prior to the game. Thanks.

Sharp said...

Pruett's diagnosis of the game was pretty spot-on. I'm just glad they didn't let McCarter anywhere near it. He doesn't like Saban anyway and he would have given them zeroes across the board.

Did you hear the part of the news conference where Saban said, "I can't quit anyway. Terry refuses to move again so I ain't goin' anywhere." That was both funny and scary at the same time.

BTW, thanks for the pic of Reese-Phifer. I have fond memories of the food they had in there for homecoming! I can eat eggs with sausage scrambled in them anytime.

Tom said...

The nicest thing I can say about the game is that it was pathetic. Bamas did not appear to play with any passion or pride. They did not act as if they cared. ULM should not come close to Bama on thier best day but they did.

As for the fans, I'll say this. As long as they're not throwing things on the field, they have every right to boo. Boo9ng shows that the fans care about the program. Cheering would probably be dishonest in that situation. And apathy is probably worse than booing. So as long as the fans don't get violent, I don't have problem with it. As for the players, if they can't handle this type of scrutiny, they need to go somewhere where fans don't, not Alabama.

Mike Wilhelm said...

I have thought about the booing issue. I was upset when JPW threw int's. I was upset when he cost the game when he couldn't hit a wide open Keith Brown in-bounds. (I hate to say this, but I could have made that passs 10 times in a row!!!! Was he hungover? I shouldn't say that but what's up? I was upset when it apppeared we didn't try at the end of the 1st half. I was upset at Jimmy Johns' fumble in the red zone. I was upset at the poor coaching, the lethargy, and the lack of motivation that was obvious.

I paid $80 for my sister and I to attend the game. She travelled all the way from Chicago and saw her first bama game in 17 years. We had the right to boo. If Saban or the players cannot handle that they need to try harder or as Harry Truman said, "get out of the kitchen".

That's my one and only harsh, politically incorrect comment of the year!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

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