Sunday, November 04, 2007

Just got in...

David and I had a great day and lots of fun. I will hopefully be able to post stories and photos tomorrow.


Sharp said...

Wish things had gone better but it was an exciting game. A year ago, we wouldn't even have been in it.

I hate that the media are treating it as a huge setback just because of the Saban/LSU angle. A bunch of overlooked players, walk-ons, and second stringers took the #3 team to the wire.

The offense lived on a dozen big plays and was weak the rest of the time. If they'd played consistently combined with LSU's hundreds of mistakes it wouldn't have been close.

The only way I'd be disappointed is if we drop both MSU and Auburn. There's no excuse for them to not go 8-4.

Mike Wilhelm said...

I could not agree more, Sharp!!! We lost by 14 last year but it wasn't that close...this year we made some critical mistakes but we were CLEARLY the better coached team and we might have won with better officiating or a few less mistakes by our QB....WELL SAID!

Sharp said...

The officiating was atrocious. On balance, I'd probably be madder if I were an LSU fan. They really did commit a lot of penalties but it also seemed they were almost never given the benefit of the doubt. And that 4th and inches call I felt was wrong. Wallace Gilberry WAS across the line first. BUT maybe they were making up for the fact that Bama bomb was overturned - probably the worst call I've seen all year!

One statistic they gave on TV is that Alabama games have more penalties than any other in the SEC this season but it's overwhelmingly against their opponents. I'm afraid someone, somewhere (Oxford, MS, maybe?) may suggest something fishy is happening.