Monday, November 12, 2007

Welcome State fans!

Apparently I am getting a lot of hits to the site from MSU fans. Welcome. I hope you enjoy the 100 yard interception video. I could have done without it!



Anonymous said...

I don't know you, but you are a class act. I know of no other fans in the SEC that would post this kind of footage and welcome us Bulldogs here to watch it. Thank you for sharing it with us, as we don't have a whole lot of clips like this out there. I am now a Bama fan (when they aren't playing MSU).. GOOD LUCK to Bama from here on out. I must say I would SO very enjoy watching y'all pull a few of these on Auburn!

Mike Wilhelm said...

Wow! Thanks for one of the best comments/compliments I have ever received here. Maybe we can put one on the Tigers!

Anonymous said...

I'm just another MSU fan thanking you for the interception clip. I was at the game on the other side of the stadium, and this is a much better angle than what I got. I live in Alabama, and I know Alabama and Auburn fans. The fact that you shared this with us proves you've got more class than most fans in the entire SEC. Thank you!

Sharp said...

I've known Mike for nearly 30 years and he is a class act all around. We've been through all the ups and downs of Alabama football during that time and he's the best Bama fan I know.

I traveled to Starkville with Mike back in 2005 and we were both thoroughly impressed with the university, the campus, and the Bulldog fans. I actually can't wait to go back there again. I'll put it this way: If I had a kid who wanted to go there for a particular major MSU specializes in (and could cover the out-of-state tuition) I would help them move there in a heartbeat.

We also root for Sly Croom every weekend (except one) because he's a good man and a great coach and we loved watching him on our side many years ago. He has MSU poised for perennial competition in the SEC West and I dread it! Recruiting has always been tough for MSU but I think that may turn around.

Mike and I both believe (even though we are die-hard Tide fans who could probably quote you Bear Bryant's shoe size) that at the end of the day it's a game and it's for fun and that all our fellow SEC fans are our neighbors and should be treated as such. We do not boo the opposition (or our own team, which has been catching on all-too-much in this day and age). We were raised to say "Good game!" to opposing players and fans whether we lost or won. Even to Tennessee fans (and that's difficult). ;-)

TXDawg said...


As many others have said before, THANK YOU!!

I'm sure you were hoping to capture something entirely different on that play, but the fact that you kept the video and posted it for State fans to enjoy shows what a class act you are.


Mike Wilhelm said...

Sharp: Thank you so much. That is a huge compliment coming from you and I appreciate it. I agree about MSU by the way! If my children ever decide they want to major in broadcast meteorology, I will do everything in my power to help them go to State!

txdawg...thank you, and you were right; I WAS expecting something else!

Anonymous said...

While I was at State I made many visits to Bama town and loved it. Thank you for the video. I couldn't be there and have watched this clip many times. Also, many of my Bama fans have voted for this to be the pontiac game changing play. Ditto "anonymous said"

Mike Wilhelm said...

Hi Anon...It has my vote!